SINCE 2007

About the co-op

Since its foundation in April 2007 Monte Vêneto co-op has been exclusively focused on the manufacturing of high quality whole juices, furthermore, it holds an industrial park designed specifically to enable the best outcomes in terms of extraction and conservation of whole natural juices.

Strategically located, the company provides its associates and partners with the harvest and delivery of raw material in only a few hours. Therefore it guarantees that the fruits are processed in less than 12 hours after harvest and this is a determinant factor to the quality of its products.

Focused on offering high quality products the co-op searches relentlessly for the enhancement of its equipment technologies and processes, aiming to always hand out the best products to its clients and consumers.

With dedication, cutting-edge technology and high quality raw material combined, Monte Vêneto has been conquering new markets and the recognition from the most demanding consumers throughout its diversified line of products.

Monte Vêneto co-op is located in the main Italian colonization area of Brazil and is proud to be part of the victorious story of its people and to be able to contribute to the family farming development, which is the base of the economy in the Serra Gaúcha region.

Through its products the company brings to its consumers’ tables a little piece of this conquest, bringing together stories, cultures and generations. After all, those -farmers and consumers- are the reasons to make things better and better every day.

Environmentally sustainable:

The company values and uses renewable and clean energy sources, such as solar energy, reuse of rainwater and exhaust wind. Through our technical team we permanently encourage the producers to the ecological and sustainable conversion of the productive system.

Socially fair:

Monte Vêneto is socially fair, integrative and inclusive, which allows the workers to take into their own hands the knowledge and cutting-edge technology and disseminate it to all the productive chain.


Economically viable with a distributive and not income concentrated spirit, the company pursuits to redistribute its benefits amongst the associates, producers and collaborators.

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